Companies are flying blind when it comes to data

December 11, 2023

When we talk with leaders, they give us a list of reasons why they feel that they can’t proceed with some sort of data project.

These reasons range from issues like:
  • Not being able to access that data,
  • The data just takes too long to access,
  • They're not experts with data,  
  • There's a large project that they have to finish, or
  • They haven't completed their data strategy.

There is also one other go-to excuse - poor data quality.

Ultimately the real issue is that the company is aiming for perfection.

And what happens when you're waiting for perfection?

Absolutely nothing!

So our advice to companies is to find ways to do something with your data today.

Add an extra report.
Increase reporting frequency.
Add more data.

But do something, or you're going to be stuck waiting forever to do nothing.

Looking to learn more about data engineering? Check out our Guide to Data Engineering with helpful resources on this topic.


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