Bringing SCADA into the 21st century!

    Abstract illustration of a user-friendly data dashboard showing a company's manufacturing data as it updates and intereacts in real time.

    Dashboarding, debugging, and organizing capabilitiesall in one!

    3AG Manufacturing Insights provides you and your team with real-time access to your plant's operating data.


    Web- and mobile-first design

    Access plant insights from anywhere through your browser.


    Works with existing historians or direct-connect to IoT sensors

    You don't need to rebuild from the ground up. We work with what you have.

    Screenshot of a 3AG dashboard giving a comprehensive, up-to-date view of a company's entire manufacturing system and data.
  • Respond to alarms quickly


    Alarms pop up in plant view, so you can debug fast, then get to root causes.


    Set alarms based on standard trigger options, or program your own alarm conditions using C# or Python.


    Receive alarm notifications via email, or review alarm history in your browser.

    Screen shot of 3AG dashboard in alarm view, which enables manufacturers to detect and address alarms as they occur.
  • Screenshot of 3AG dashboard allowing users close-up views and insights into each section of their manufacturing processes and locations.

    Effortlessly navigate your plant

    Search for logical units using
    our smart search capability and
    real time video recording.
  • Easily investigate anomalies


    Anomaly detection is available on

    all sensor data streams.

    Screenshot of 3AG dashboard in anomoly view, showing unexpected changes in operations, processes, or data collection and distribution, as they happen.
  • 3AG dashboard screenshot indicating where assets fitted with sensors are within or around the plant at any moment, in real time.

    Asset tracking


    Stay on top of all assets, both fixed

    and mobile.


    Ensure vehicles stay in their lanes.


    Identify and track anomalies.

  • RESTful API for developers

    Looking to build something even bigger?

    A dynamic, abstract illustration showing how partnering with 3AG Systems can help you build a bigger, stronger business for the future.


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