KISS and make up: How to apply the right kind of data practices to your shop floor

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Telsa Model 3 factories Fremont Shanhai

Not everyone has the luxury of redesigning the whole plant.


If tomorrow, your CEO gave you an unlimited budget and carte blanche to change anything in your plant, how would you react? Would you be overwhelmed by all the possibilities? Would you suggest only minor improvements, confident you already run the smartest, most precise plant going? Or would you pull out blueprints you’ve been poring over since your first day on the job? We hope it’s the latter, because at least one of your competitors also has blueprints prepared for updating their manufacturing plant, or will very shortly.

In a competitive environment, every manufacturer needs to be prepared to tear everything apart to become a stronger, more agile player on this crowded field.

Let’s rephrase our earlier hypothetical. Suppose the CEO offered you the opportunity to redo the entire plant with an unlimited budget, but on one condition: You need to provide one unifying principle for running the plant, one word to describe your manufacturing philosophy. We know what we would choose: simplicity.