How do you digitally transform an elephant (or your operations)?

One byte at a time

· 3AG blog,CHFA

Digital transformation (DX) is in the air. Discussions abound about how businesses are modernizing by replacing analog processes and siloed, legacy, on-premises technology with integrated, digital, cloud-based solutions. These discussions have intensified over the last year as businesses have been forced to adapt to an ever-evolving “new normal”.


If you’re a small- to midsize-enterprise in the consumer packaged good (CPG) space, you may think that the arguments to modernize your IT systems are compelling, but the prospect of doing it is daunting. It can be hard to know where to start, especially if your business (like many others) has multiple priorities that are not always in perfect alignment. To draw on a well-known proverb, DX is akin to standing in front of an elephant you want to eat and not knowing where to start—only in this case it’s where to start digitizing instead of digesting.

The pandemic has been a driver of DX

The COVID-19 pandemic has accelerated the DX process in CPG as well as other industries. For one thing, there has been a seismic shift toward digital engagement, as a report by McKinsey explains. The partial or total shut-down of traditional channels such as bricks and mortar storefronts and field teams has fostered a rapid