• WHY 3AG?

    Abstract iluustration of a connected organization with strong data collection, analysis, and distribution insfrastructure in place.
  • At 3AG Systems, we appreciate our clients trusting us with one of their most precious assets: their data.
    We've earned this trust from many companies over
    the past decade and a half.
    We know data has the power to transform organizations; with their data strategically collected and organized, companies can efficiently extract and share useful, business-ready insights. 
    Poor data execution can cripple an organization. 3AG Systems exists to make sure that doesn't happen.
    We do our utmost to serve as our clients' trusted advisors, aware of our great responsibility to help them grow and thrive in a rapidly changing, tech-driven world.

    Data engineering

    Our fully managed data engineering
    services will provide you with the
    right architecture and infrastructure.

    Services include:


    • Architecture and design
    • Data warehouse
    • Data system integration
    • Full automation
    • Automatic documentation
    • Data infrastructure
    • GDPR, HIPAA, and Sarbanes-Oxley compliance
    Image of a galaxzy  with orbiting objects representing a data analysis system where all data and infrastructure compenents work in lock-step.
  • Drawing of a calculator and graph activity, representing how strategic financial data management results in measurable success.

    Advanced analytics


    Draw deeper insights about

    your business, make predictions,

    and generate recommendations.


    Services include:


    • Forecasting/projections based on historical trends
    • Regression models and/or AI/ML models
    • What-if analysis tools
    • Adjustments to levers/parameters for immediate impact
  • Products

    Our products provide
    advanced analytics out of the box.

    These include:


    3AG Manufacturing Insights

    You and your team will benefit from

    real-time insights into your plant's

    operating data.


    3AG Mining Insights

    Access unprecedented exposure to

    all operations—underground, above

    ground, and in the plant.

    Illustration symbolizing the various data analysis solutions ready to go for industries like mining and manufacturing.

    3AG dashboard showing a complete view of operations from mine to mill.

    Food and beverage, and manufacturing

    We help manufacturing companies avoid unplanned downtime, maintain quality control, reduce operating costs, and improve production efficiency.


    We help mining companies access

    data analytics at key stages of the

    mining process—from extracting and processing ore, to separating and concentrating usable output.

    Oil and gas

    We partner with oil and gas companies to mitigate costs and find efficiencies, from initial exploration to final refining processes.



    Whether you're just starting out or using advanced AI capabilities,

    we can help build a data roadmap for your organization.

    Image of a 3AG analytics maturity graphic, including all descriptive, diagnostic, predictive, and prescriptive stages.
  • Sample of a Data Coach report created for your company, including reviewing and cataloguing where your data comes from, evaluation of current data and reporting activities, and a llist of ways you can save money and create new business opportunities




    Let the 3AG DATA COACH

    guide you.


    What you'll get:

    • in-person consultation with 3AG experts

    • review and catalog of your data sources

    • analysis of existing data and reporting processes

    • detailed list of revenue-generating opportunities and cost savings



    To find out more, fill in the form. We’ll be in touch soon.

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