Mining Insights from 3AG Systems is a platform designed to provide businesses with unprecedented exposure to all operations—underground, above ground, and in the plant.


    Bring your entire operations together with our Mining Insights, which is accessible from any device, anywhere in the world.


    Examine results in real time. Track integrated mine and mill status at a glance. And keep your most valuable assets, your employees, safe.

    Screenshot of a 3AG Systems dashboard showing a bird's-eye view of your company's fully connected, data-driven mining site and operations.
  • ESG


    Track employee movements

    on-site, in safe zones, and in

    man-down situations.

    Dashboard schreenshot showing location details for man-down and other safety events, as well as safe zone, in a mine, as they occur.
  • 3AG dashboard screen shot pinpointing production issues as they occur, and indicating where alarms require attention such as for debugging.



    Monitor production in real time.


    Track and debug alarms.

  • Planning


    Calculate daily production, strategic maintenance windows, etc.


    Optimize feed order to maximize throughput.


    Connect the dots between mine

    and mill.

    Screenshot of 3AG dashboard in planning view, showing production status to ensure best times for planned maintenance, improving throughput, and keeping mine and mill running efficiently together.
  • Three dashboard screenshots showing how collecting and sharing data around mining production, material use, and timing can improve overall processes and efficiency.

    Process optimization


    Estimate daily recovery, production,

    to-target, etc.


    Calculate ideal parameter settings for reagent, water, and charge mix.

  • Maintenance


    Predictive maintenance identifies potential machine failures.


    Advanced debugging and video

    tracking monitor machine performance.

    Screenshot of 3AG dashboard highlighting where machines may require tune-up or repair, plus constant, real-time mahcine operation monitoring.
  • Dashboard view showing locations for static and moving assets, if mine vehicles are being driven safely, and the location of any real-time operational problems.

    Asset tracking


    Stay on top of all assets, both fixed

    and mobile.


    Ensure vehicles stay in their lanes.


    Identify and track anomalies.

  • RESTful API for developers

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