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For an detailed introduction to OEE, please check out our blog post: What is OEE?

Briefly, OEE measures how many good products an organization creates in a given timeframe divided by how many it theoretically could have produced if all machines and processes ran perfectly.

OEE can be calculated by looking at actual production for a time period (tons, units, etc.) or by measuring the “good” time that equipment is running. It can also be broken down into 3 components: Availability (comparison of equipment run-time vs. shift length), Performance (looks at what is produced versus what could have been produced), and Quality (the ratio of how much good, sellable product produced produce vs. total production).

3AG OEE Power BI dashboard screenshot

For the purpose of this Power BI visual, on a per-machine/block basis users can enter percentage values for the following KPIs:

  • OEE
  • Availability
  • Performance 
  • Quality 

Users can also enter percentage values, number of incidents and total duration of incidents for the following sub-components:

  • Slow Cycles
  • Planned Stops
  • Small Stops
  • Unplanned Stops
  • Startup Rejects
  • Production Rejects

The full Power BI desktop file is available for download here. Alternatively, you can download the Power BI visual from Microsoft AppSource here.