Line chart with absolute variance

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Featured in Microsoft's February 2019 Power BI desktop update, this Power BI custom visual is designed for easily comparing time series data. It is built for reporting actual, forecast, planned, and previous year data and allows users to quickly identify when a series deviates from its baseline.

Influenced by IBCS, this Power BI dashboard applied information density principles including the sparing use of colors. Design semantics apply standardized conventions, with the following schema:

  • solid black for current year
  • grey for previous year
  • hollow for budget
  • shaded for forecast
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Note that the above design choices make this MS BI tool easy and intuitive to overlap different time periods.

It is highly recommended to use these charts only for time series data. For non-time series reporting please consider using bar charts, like the Bar Chart With Absolute Variance

Full documentation is provided in the business intelligence examples below. You can also download the Power BI desktop file here.